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  • Final Score
    Final Score
    Two aging Superbowl quarterbacks, who hate each other, agree to reunite as color commentators for Monday Night football, which now sits at the lowest ratings since the show began. They discover a network executive's plot to rig the game into overtime, to sell more mega-dollar advertisng. The two join forces to expose the plot and work together to save the integrity of the game. Read more
  • The Legend of Christmas Lake
    The Legend of Christmas Lake
    The story of a young boy who mistakenly stows away in Santa's sleigh and is transported to the North Pole. His father is trying to save the hometown from disappearing because of a toxic chemical plant that has shut down, leaving toxic waste in the ground and watersystem. Once Santa hears of this disaster he lends a hand showing the remaining residents the magic of Christmas is believing. Read more
  • Honor Thy Father
    Honor Thy Father
    Sean Thomas Pitchfield, the son of a US Senator, is thrown into an unfamiliar role of solving a political scandal that is trying to destroy the senator's legacy and ruin his family's name. Read more
  • Straight Up
    Straight Up
    An Olympic gold medal gymnast is willing to sacrifice everything she has worked her entire life to achieve to help her best friend in a world-class pole fitness competition. Read more
  • With a Bow
    With a Bow
    A young French girl is headed to the States for an executive position at a New York advertising agency. As she is preparing to leave for the airport, her father receives a call stating that the agency has imposed a hiring freeze and cannot afford her. In spite of this turn of events, she decides the trip is meant to be. Once in New York she struggles to find work, eventually finding a gift wrapping job at Bergdorf's. Love, jealousy, and confusion offer a lovely mix for this light-hearted Christmas story. Read more
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WITH A BOW - Christmas, 2024.


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